400 PPM is a non-profit open source documentary about climate change produced by Maya Burhanpurkar through STAMx Youth Inc, an NPO she founded that is dedicated to inspiring, educating, and empowering youth around the world to leverage Science, Technology, Arts and Math to create a better society for all.

All parties involved in the production of 400 PPM were unpaid volunteers.

At the age of 14 Maya became passionate about the plight of the Inuit people as perhaps the first victims of what she called ethnocide-by-climate-change. She traveled to the Arctic as part of an expedition to witness the unfolding crisis for herself. She was so impacted by what she saw that she decided to bring her experience to the rest of the world by producing a documentary on Arctic climate change with collaborators such as astronaut Chris Hadfield, novelist Margaret Atwood, explorer Wade Davis, and environmentalist Nobel Laureate Dr. Brad Bass. 400 PPM is that story.