STEM Awareness Campaign

Mediaplanet Canada has put out a new STEM awareness campaign that’s pretty interesting. I think the piece on embracing failure is particularly relevant. We often only hear about achievements in science, but getting to that achievement often takes many failures. Plus, there are articles by Bill Nye, Col. Chris Hadfield, and lots of other cool people!

Also exciting: my fellow Top 20 Under 20 Kelcie and Jared and I were interviewed for a Panel of Young Innovators. Check it out!

Introducing…Science Expo B.C. Edition!

Today, I narrated a video (and clearly, I did a MUCH better job than Morgan Freeman ever could do)!

Friends in BC: Science Expo BC is having its inaugural conference on Sat, Nov 29th in which we’re hosting speakers from Hootsuite – one of Canada’s billion dollar companies – and Canada’s Top 20 Under 20 (sorry folks, I don’t mean me this time). Workshops will include demonstrations with a real human lung, discussions on vaccines with Let’s Talk Science, and much more.

Science Expo has been around for 5 years in Ontario, and this is the first time it’s coming to BC, so I hope you can be part of it. You can use the code ScienceExpoLove for discounted early bird pricing (see until Friday, so register soon!

(Kudos to Mauricio Diaz and Sam Stuart for the stellar drawing skills and the pertinent selection of Expo brand whiteboard markers in the video!)

Diwali 2014

Happy Diwali! I had a lovely time celebrating at the Annual Barrie Diwali Gala! It was a pleasure to have been invited to speak about youth STEM at the event.

A Special Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, folks!

I spent my day hosting Johny Pitts, an amazing BBC Presenter and author, who flew in from England to ask me some insightful (read: hard!) questions for his upcoming book on youth empowerment. He says it will be coming out in October 2015. I’ll be sure to share when it does!

Another interesting note: he also co-edits a fascinating website called Afropean ( The site has won an ENAR Foundation award for contributing to a racism-free Europe!

A Week with the Quantum Computers

I had the most incredible of weeks at the University of Waterloo’s Institute for Quantum Computing for the Quantum Cryptography School for Young Students. We spent hours every day working our way through graduate-level physics and mathematics that culminated in us building our very own (rudimentary) quantum key distribution system! As always, my favourite part of the experience was the people – meeting like-minded kids from all over the world was amazing. Breakfast conversation involved representing the sombrero model of the Higgs Boson with cereal bowls, there was never an end to jokes about superposition and/or entanglement, and “Alice”, “Bob” and “Eve” became almost like friends (except maybe when “Eve” was trying to maliciously hack our system!)

A Trip to the Mountains


I’ve spent the last five days travelling through Alberta’s Banff, Jasper, and Lake Louise, and BC’s Selkirk Mountains. I also had the opportunity to speak with local residents about how devastating climate change has been in the area. What an incredibly power experience.

The documentary, 400PPM will be released in the beginning of November 2015 at

A Ray of Sunshine

A ray of sunshine in the dark vortex of terror that is exams – I’m the 2014 Barrie Business Plan Competition winner for my telemedicine non-profit!! I’m glad that the plaque is back at Barrie North Collegiate!


Chris Hadfield in Barrie

Having front-row seats to Col. Chris Hadfield’s speech? Great.
Getting a personalized signed copy of his book? Better.
Getting a picture with him? Amazing.
Eating lunch with him? Blow my mind amazing.
Discussing the applications of my research on space shuttle technology with him? Priceless.