An Open Letter to Jian Ghomeshi

Dear Jian,

I know you must be busy these days. You must wonder why the world hates you.

I want you to know I loved your show. You were a genius.

They say that you hurt people, but I say there are lots of hurtful people. That’s not news.

So, why do they hate you so much?

I know I’m only 15, but I think I know.

If we can’t trust Jian Ghomeshi, who can we trust?

Lots of rich powerful people don’t care about the world; they have caused immeasurable damage to the planet, but we always knew they would, so we don’t really hate them.

So what did you do, Jian? You destroyed our trust in the world. You pretended you cared but you didn’t and that hurt us.

You represented civility and honour.

You represented a distinct society – polite, kind, respectful – that is supposed to make Canada unique in the world.

You were our national hero.

In a world gone mad, if we can’t trust Jian Ghomeshi, who can we trust?

That’s why you hurt me.


Yours truly,

A disillusioned 15 year-old Canadian

Introducing…Science Expo B.C. Edition!

Today, I narrated a video (and clearly, I did a MUCH better job than Morgan Freeman ever could do)!

Friends in BC: Science Expo BC is having its inaugural conference on Sat, Nov 29th in which we’re hosting speakers from Hootsuite – one of Canada’s billion dollar companies – and Canada’s Top 20 Under 20 (sorry folks, I don’t mean me this time). Workshops will include demonstrations with a real human lung, discussions on vaccines with Let’s Talk Science, and much more.

Science Expo has been around for 5 years in Ontario, and this is the first time it’s coming to BC, so I hope you can be part of it. You can use the code ScienceExpoLove for discounted early bird pricing (see until Friday, so register soon!

(Kudos to Mauricio Diaz and Sam Stuart for the stellar drawing skills and the pertinent selection of Expo brand whiteboard markers in the video!)

An Afternoon with an Anthropologist


Today, I had the honour of interviewing Dr. Wade Davis, arguably the world’s greatest living explorer, for my documentary on Arctic climate change. On the topic of ethnocide by means of governmental climate politics:

“Genocide is universally condemned, but ethnocide is not only not condemned, it’s effectively promoted as development policy…These other cultures are not failed attempts at being us – each culture is an answer to the fundamental question of what does it mean to be human and alive…When I hear about this stuff, I’m surprised that the Canadian people aren’t up in arms”

Wade has made many key discoveries, including solving he voodoo zombie phenomena – he’s literally known as the real life Indiana Jones. I managed to trap him in a room for two hours today to get his personal insights on a range of issues from ethnocide to climate change. Absolutely inspiring.

The documentary, 400PPM will be released in the beginning of November 2015 at

A Week with the Quantum Computers

I had the most incredible of weeks at the University of Waterloo’s Institute for Quantum Computing for the Quantum Cryptography School for Young Students. We spent hours every day working our way through graduate-level physics and mathematics that culminated in us building our very own (rudimentary) quantum key distribution system! As always, my favourite part of the experience was the people – meeting like-minded kids from all over the world was amazing. Breakfast conversation involved representing the sombrero model of the Higgs Boson with cereal bowls, there was never an end to jokes about superposition and/or entanglement, and “Alice”, “Bob” and “Eve” became almost like friends (except maybe when “Eve” was trying to maliciously hack our system!)

Canada-Wide Science Fair 2014

I am absolutely honoured to have received the Grand Platinum Award at this year’s Canada-Wide Science Fair (CWSF) – Expo-sciences pancandienne (ESPC) in addition to the Discovery Challenge, Gold Medal, and Actuarial Foundation of Canada Award! All that hard work has paid off! :)

It was such a pleasure to make so many new brilliant friends from all across Canada and reunite with old ones. Thank you so much to my family and friends for the incredible support!

Of course, I really owe this all to Ms. Began, my amazing math teacher, who gifted me her calculus textbook way back at the beginning of grade 9.