SCDSB Student Trustee

Thank you to the SCDSB Student Senate for electing me as one of the Student Trustees for the 2014-2015 school year. After having been a member of the Education Minister’s Student Advisory Council and President of my school’s Student Council, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to represent SCDSB students at the board level and take the reins of the Student Senate. Looking forward to a fantastic year!

A Brief Update

It has been quite a while since I have posted on this blog; my life has been so action-packed over the past months that I have hardly had time to catch my breath, let alone write!

In the past months, I have developed a novel videoconferencing system that aims to provide increased access to healthcare in developing regions in Africa and India in partnership with the organizations the African Medical and Research Foundation and Lokalex; I was elected as the Student Council President of my high school; I spoke at conferences, workshops, and annual meetings for international charities; I went from being the Marketing Director of  a national non-profit organization, to the Vice-President, and, now, to the President; I organized a STEM conference for 200 high school students; and I have started working on yet another science research project! All the while, school has been no less forgiving to me than it ever has been. So, I’ve been pretty busy.

But, the very most exciting thing that  happened to me over the past few months was receiving an invitation to speak at a TEDx conference. On March 1, I delivered my very first TEDx talk at TEDxYouth@Brampton to a full-house of eager students. I spoke about the importance of educational diversification (see video above).

I hope this serves as a half-descent update for the time being. I’ll aim to write again soon!

GenYNot’s Young Global Girl Leaders Celebrating DayOfTheGirl

Thanks to GenYNot for including me in this article!

In honor of International Day of The Girl, GenYNot has curated a list of girls under 26 years old from across the globe that are dedicating their lives to fight the unique challenges girls across the world face. The fulfillment of girls’ right to education is the most important issue because even though more girls are entering school than ever before, 31 million are still denied this right. Those that do attend school face major challenges – discrimination, financial stress, and threats to their safety, to name just a few. Read about how each girl is driving the solutions not only in their home country but across the world. Thanks for the inspiration!