An Afternoon with an Anthropologist


Today, I had the honour of interviewing Dr. Wade Davis, arguably the world’s greatest living explorer, for my documentary on Arctic climate change. On the topic of ethnocide by means of governmental climate politics:

“Genocide is universally condemned, but ethnocide is not only not condemned, it’s effectively promoted as development policy…These other cultures are not failed attempts at being us – each culture is an answer to the fundamental question of what does it mean to be human and alive…When I hear about this stuff, I’m surprised that the Canadian people aren’t up in arms”

Wade has made many key discoveries, including solving he voodoo zombie phenomena – he’s literally known as the real life Indiana Jones. I managed to trap him in a room for two hours today to get his personal insights on a range of issues from ethnocide to climate change. Absolutely inspiring.

The documentary, 400PPM will be released in the beginning of November 2015 at

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